Young Adult
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Bel Air Stables
Izzy Hamilton is a sweet, horse obsessed seventeen year old girl. After the death of her father a mere year ago, Izzy's entire world has been turned upside down as she struggles to combat the daily struggles of high school and keeping her father's much loved livery yard running. With her mother drinking herself into a stupor from sunrise to sunset, Izzy is all but alone save for her horses and the grooms she employs.

An embarrassing riding accident sees her coming face to face with the most eligible bachelor around - Oliver Burnley. From the moment she lays eyes on him, Izzy is captivated by his presence. To her shock, he enters into a business arrangement with her and the pair soon get to know each other...rather well.

However, what Izzy doesn't know is that Oliver has an arranged marriage happening the following year. The lucky woman is someone of his own age and social status. When she finds out about her fiance's illicit affair with a schoolgirl, she sets out to make Izzy's life hell.

In the meantime, Izzy takes on a rescue horse. Half starved and beaten almost to death, Izzy nurses the young mare back to health before turning her into a super star dressage horse. Once her story is out in the papers, Izzy finds herself drowning in horse owners demanding she train their horses. On top of this, she can't say no to other abused animals being brought to her attention either. With all this havoc whisking through her life, how will Izzy cope and what will happen to the apple of her eye? Will he turn his back on his family's social standing and be with Izzy or will he continue with his forced marriage?