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I have far too many books to list all on one page. Because I'm nice, I've split them into their different categories for you! 
One thing I will warn you with my writing is that I write to my own model - I am not specific to one genre or certain story arcs. I tell the story as the characters depict and until it's told - whether that be 40k or 150k.
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Really enjoyed Sex, Lies and Demon Ties.
The plot had some great twists and turns that
I didn't see coming, which kept me hooked
until the last page. Looking forward to the
second book.

                        I enjoyed this book. The story delivered us an                           impressive story of decisions but also dylemas                         by what we want & we actually need.

Romance, Chicklit, Erotica

Young Adult

Loved this mix of twist, turns, and an adorable
romance of the west and yummy cowboys!
Huge recommendation to this one!!


Paranormal, Dark Fantasy