The 'Me' Page
'Me' Fact No.1:
Born in the grand year of 1986, I am currently a 31 year old female living in Lincolnshire, England. 

'Me' Fact No.2: 
By day, I work in accounts from 8.30 - 3.30, but my mind is never quiet from ideas which can spring from anywhere or be triggered by anything.  By night, I am an aspiring author, hoping to touch others with my crazy, wild ideas. I'm a mother to an energetic 10 year old boy, and partner to the world's best boyfriend.
'Me' Fact No.3: 
My main interests are in the paranormal, but I'm interested in all genres except sci-fi and epic fantasy; they're just a little too much for my brain to handle, lol! I'm very passionate about serious issues such as domestic violence and mental health. As a result, these themes do run in alot of my stories. 

'Me' Fact No.4: 
On the quirky side, I'm also a hardcore conspiracy theorist. Unfortunately for you guys that means I find it kinda hard not to put twists, turns, and lots of layers in my plots.  

Fun Fact: 
As you can see from my picture, I'm a redhead. Did you know that less than 2% of the population has red hair? That basically makes me a majestic unicorn, LOL! 

​​Anyway, I hope you find something of mine to enjoy - thank you for stopping by!
Photo above taken by the talented photographer, Dave Eason. Copyrights remain with him. Picture used with his permission. Click here to go to his website!

Likes: Horses, Cars, Wolves, Birds of Prey, Big Cats, Movies, Books, History, Mythology, Conspiracy Theories, Languages, Food

Dislikes: Spiders, Wasps, Coffee, Tea, Being Hungry, Crowds

Pets: 3 cats, 5 snakes

Favourite Films: Memphis Belle, The Mummy, The Mummy Returns, Die Hard Films, Marvel Universe

TV Series Faves:  Friends (to an unhealthy obsession level!), Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Shadow Hunters, Heartland, The Good Doctor, Ray Donovan, Sons of Anarchy
I am officially a 'hybrid' author meaning I am both published by a publishing company, and also self published! My publisher is Limitless Publishing , who is based in Hawaii. Recently, they created another publishing company for all romance stories to go under - Crave Publishing . I write for Crave in their anthologies (details of which you can find under 'The Books' section and the 'Anthologies' button).

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If you've made it this far then thank you for sticking with it! This is just a bit of fun where i let you in on the names of my unicorns - yep, you read that right - i've named the unicorns in my logo! they were just too pretty to think of as a picture, especially as they represent my writing.
'Lucifera' is the female form of the name 'Lucifer'. Whilst this name makes most think of the devil, they forget the meaning of it is 'light bearer.'
'Mara' means 'death' in Sanskrit. It also means 'nightmare' in Swedish. Mara is the name of a demon who sits on children's chests whilst they are sleeping and induces nightmares.