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Dark Fantasy

 Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned…and Kyla Marshall is about to prove it. Literally.

On their annual three-month vacation from Hell, Lucifer’s right-hand demons Azazel and Balthazar cross paths with the beautiful Kyla. Finding her friendly and flirty on the outside, neither of the brothers expect the bloodthirsty lust for revenge bubbling away on the inside.

With Azazel wanting her as a plaything, and Balthazar seeing her as a way to break his demonic curse, Kyla is pushed and pulled between the handsome duo.

In their fighting, the pair unwittingly reopen Kyla’s old wounds, unleashing something even these Commanders of Hell haven’t ever seen.

Following Kyla’s frenzied trail of blood and justice leaves the siblings questioning their consciences. How can they tame the wild bull they let loose? And what lengths will Kyla go to in order to satisfy her need for closure?

Unleashing Vampires