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Animal Vigilante
Animal lovers the world round are disgusted by those who abuse, hurt and kill animals. The rage and fury which erupts inside each one of us is second to none as we gaze upon pictures of bleeding, half-dead animals. The thoughts we have as to what we'd like to do to that abuser are harrowing and if actioned out, would be rather disturbing...

Marissa Kelly is an animal welfare officer. Having worked the job for twelve years, she has become accustomed to seeing most horrific sights. However, the tolls of seeing slaps on the wrist for gruesome cruelty has gnawed at her just a little too much. A regular call out one day to an abandoned, starved puppy changes her. She snaps.

No longer the quiet, good girl employee, Marissa embarks on an enraged course of violence, giving justice to those who have hurt the innocent animals she saves daily. Her methods of justice? Inflicting the same methods of torture on the ghastly humans as they dealt their unwanted pets...

Living alone on a vast country estate, Marissa has all the freedom and methods of disposal anyone could dream of. As she unleashes her darkest, innermost desires, she is suddenly the centre of the affections of a long admired colleague. Finding herself one person during the day and another at night, how long can she keep her shadowy secret? Is his sudden interest in her mere coincidence or something a little deeper?